Saturday, 30 June 2012


Hi my name is Steffi,

in  2000 I left my small hometown Allenbach and went studying 140km away to Duesseldorf, the capital of the state Northrhine-Westfalia.

In Duesseldorf I like to visit the so calledlongest bar of the worldwith many breweries, placed in our cozy old town, which roots go back to the 12th century. I also like  to sit down on the stairs in front of the castle-tower, drinking a beer, listening to guitar-music somebody plays, or watching the street-artists doing their daily routine to entertain the people.

In the evenings or if the weather is bad I go into the small arthouse cinemas, called „Gilde Kinos“, watching films which are only shown there, or I vist one of our many museums.

In the city center along a small river calledDuesselthere is the „Koe“, where shops offer everything what is expensive. In this area one of our 5 star hotels called  Breidenbacher-Hof, invites guests into its magical rooms and suites for the night. I like to do a walk there on Saturdays, watching people go shopping, and sometimes it is also possible to find something nice... that is not that expensive :-)

Walking to the south along our awesome river esplanade, you can reach the government  district and the media harbour including modern architecture and another 5 star hotel.

Since hunderts of years Duesseldorf  is well known for fairs. In the north part a 1000 000m² area is dedicated to exhibitors from the whole world to offer their stuff and making business. 

I love  Duesseldorf, the Rhine river and biking. To the south, I biked along the river till Speyer, to the north till Wesel. Sometimes I also like biking in the high mountains of the alps, but here you don´t have to be afraid of mountains anywhere just sometimes some wind :-)

There is a very nice bike lane going from the city center to the north along the river to the oldest city district called Kaiserswerth with its 7900 habitants, relaxed athmosphere and a castle ruin at the Rhine. This route is around 26 km.
I invite you to accompany me by bike to enjoy this nice nature area and middle age place.

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