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I was born and raised in a quite touristic town in the province of Naples. I’ve lived there about and very little less than 20 years having now 25 years. Apart from 2 years in Milan and some more time in Naples city and the Erasmus exchange program period I could say I’ve lived there all my life.

All these places from Castellammare di Stabia to Amalfi including Sorrento, Nerano, Positano, Meta, Sant'Agnello, Piano di Sorrento, Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi are heavenly places during the summer and for a vacancy.

Naples too is perfect for quite a long vacancy and no one can get not impressed from Naples, no one can get here and not being fascinated by all its colors, all its passion and volcanic life springs! There’s a motto, a quote in Neapolitan which says in some way in English: "See Naples and afterwards you can pass away with no regrets".
I know Naples city center and all around it very well. This is because I’ve lived there previously and after the Erasmus in three different places with different, very different several people.
During these experiences  I did  hundreds kilometers by foot and by bicycle. So, there was no place anymore not available and not reached by me. That’s why contrary from most Neapolitan people I have a cult of bicycle. It’s the best transport ever in terms of usefulness, economy, parking, power and speed. Not the car, not the scooter, not the skateboard or the kick scooter are enough good to challenge the bicycle! And  I tried all these. I still practice them but no way they are more useful in a city than a bike driven by a fit trained person...

I'm not an Italian music maniac, but I like some..Franco Battiato:ecclettic and mystical... "After hours", elite group for youngsters.
Squallor, goliardic and funny. Tiromancino, I like them.. CAparezza, intelligent rapper not discounted or spoiled. Clementino, such a badass.
Then I like some songs of other musicains and I gave much material to learn about by links but I can say they’re my favourite... Tony Tammaro which is satyrical and goliardic to Roberto Vecchionirapper that talks about Naples, Rocco Huntformer best singer from Naples, Pino Daniele and Vasco Rossi 

The places I love most:
Tordigliano: a huge beach not available to people without a boat or a person with firm will or good training. Ad even if in summer several people get there by boat, still it’s a huge deserted beach.
Ieranto Bay: another beach reachable by people through hiking: it’s protected by FAI kind of italian wwf; just as you understand is The National Trust of Italy.
Gragnano: here they make a typical dish called Panuozzo. It’s very tasty and as Pizza is born in Naples, Panuozzo was born here and some people go for Panuozzo more than Pizza. But it’s much less diffused as you would say immediately.
Meta: it offers the hugest beaches of Sorrento peninsula, sandy and not and has another exclusive typical dish made just here: the crocchè gigante.

We can go by bike across Naples and also visit great surrounding along the seacoast round Vesuvio: Meta, Castellamare, Leranto Bay, Tordigliano, Regina Giovanna, Marechiaro and other great places.

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