Monday, 28 April 2014


Hi, everybody! My name is Anatoly, I am 27 years old, I was born in Petersburg, and madly in love with this city.
Beeing a teenager I used to roam through Petersburg, popping into the yards and gates, squares and parks, and soon I began to notice things that are usually hidden from the eyes of the citizens in everyday life.
I had no Internet access at that time, so I could only read, read, read everything about my favourite city. In time I've learned a lot of interesting and unusual facts about informal monuments, and also entertaining tales and historical jokes about all known sights.

I plunged into magnificent Petersburg, with its palaces and luxury;
into mystical and ominous Petersburg, with ghosts and witches;
into Dostoyevsky's Petersburg, where the charachters of his works lived;
into the magic and fantastic city granting any desires... if you know how to ask; )

Photo by Pavel Gorin
I love foot walks, and at the same time I adore and I can't live without bicycle! The charm of bicycle trip is that for the same time it is possible to cver two, three, four times more!

I invite you for a bike tour together, I want to share my love to the Great City with you, because it is only the opportunity to share with someone the enthusiasm that does the person really happy!

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