Wednesday, 30 April 2014


The formation of a personality proceeds in our childhood. This process influences the places where a person lives and its environment.As I was born and grew up in Minsk, I always feel its imprint when being somewhere else: in small towns I feel tightly, in big cities - stuffy.
Minsk with its 2 million population is three times bigger than Paris. 
Huge, sunlit squares, wide avenues, parks and forests - all this create a special atmosphere that you can find only here.  

What do I love in Minsk most of all:

Upper city - high density of beautiful buildings.
Alexander's Garden and its public WC with its edifying history.
The Red Roman-Catholic Church.
Oktyabskaya Street (Кастрычніцкая) - a place, that lost in time even more, than Minsk itself.

A Birdy Island - forest on the island, that takes all the problems away. It's an amasing place to relax. 

Birds' island by Dmitry Ruzov
The main thing is to find a way back

For sure, there are some disadvantages in Minsk, but looking only at them you won't develop yourself. That's way you should enjoy what you have. And you have a lot. I can show it!

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