Monday, 2 May 2016

Country therapy by LinguaBike

Where and how can we find the lost paradise? What do we lack when we wish to go travelling? How can a country cure us? And who are country-specific kinesthetics? All answers for these questions you can find in this  interview with the creator of “LinguaBike” project - Alyona Zaitchenko. 
- Hey, Alyona!
- Hey, Juliana!
- Tell me, please, your project “LinguaBike” what is it like?
- It is a united resource for finding and booking bicycle tours in different corners of the world in different languages.
- Tell me, what do your bike tours include? I mean food, maybe some language trainings or programs for weight loss as it is a bike.
- Firstly, our excursions are accompanied by a guide, surely local. Our indispensable condition is that each tour is guided by a local resident who knows, loves and feels the city with all his heart. The guide is your “escort” to this new world. He can show you such a picture of this city! He will protect you and create your own mood. The Italian guide will make you feel like Italians, the German one like Germans, and, accordingly, the Russian one like Russians. This is the most important thing, to feel this person who loves his country, loves his city and he shares with you all his emotions, his knowledge. We work with people who are eager to it, who can’t live otherwise. In other words you get a “product” that is impossible actually to buy by money. I mean emotions, knowledge, feelings, love for the native country. Your eyes meet the eyes of another person, and you feel the love to the area, you understand that love is everywhere.
- Are there any language educational programs?
- This is the only practice on-site. I mean, you are listening to the tour in any language you want. So if you go to Italy, you learn Italian, you can listen to a guide and ask questions, to try yourself speaking Italian. This is practice. You're surrounded by this country, Italy is around you, beauty, mountains, sea, all of it is around you, everywhere you can hear the Italian speech, the guide, your guide, your guiding star speaks Italian too, and you start understanding it too, it's a super chance. You start saying something, create something. I think this is the best practice.
- But tell me, is there any global mission in your project?
- This is called "country-therapy", that means therapy by a country. I understand, like many of us, that each country has its soul, and this soul is very specific, one is not like another. All these souls are living in each of us. It's like the soul of the world. But sometimes you feel missing something, that’s why people want to travel, to go somewhere for new impressions. And they start thinking about where to go. And I want to understand every country, every soul to do a “treatment by this or that country”. And in this case you're not just going to think, well, where to go? You will know exactly what you lack and where you should go and you will recover, you will pass this course of therapy.
- Alyona, I looked through your group in “Vkontakte” and in the end of the description of the group you wrote: "We need only the elite. Hello to country-specific kinesthetics!What do you mean? What is this elite like?
- I have already started to talk a little bit about this country-specific kinesthetics. It is not enough for a person just to see something, just to listen and feel the taste of food ... not enough. Kinesthetic means all the senses, that you let something pass through yourself. And in our case it’s the same thing. If you are not just a tourist, but a “country explorer”, and want to live this country, then I call this phenomenon “country-specific kinesthetizm”. And, accordingly, we, as the apologists for this phenomenon, strive to ensure people meet here these kinesthetic needs in the studying country. Why is it elite? Because not all people need it. As always, there are some ones, the tops, who need it. I respect everyone else, but people who do not need it so deeply will not get here all the pleasure that we offer them.

Let’s ride together to feel and understand the world!

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