Photo reports

Our past journeys:

1) The very first tour of LinguaBike. Germany, The Rhine, 23-30.08.2012

It was amazing! The summer, the sun, Germany, bicycles, a perfect comany, the German language and adventures! It is everithing that you need for a perfect holiday. For a week we rode hundred miles along the great German roads, spoke German, met true people, made our muscles work, got on the pages of a German nightlife magazine, enjoyed the best sorts of German beer, found out, that the nature doesn't do any mistakes, solved the mistery of Passive Voice and much more!
And the main thing is that we understood how wonderful and amazing the life around us is. Each of us found his own truth, exactly that, that he had been looking for in his lost paradise. Otherwise, what do you travel for?
The photo report you can find here

2) Germany, North-Rhine Westfalia, Rhineland-Pfalz, 3-10 of May, 2013 Dusseldorf– Zons– Cologne– Hombroih- Koblenz. 

A crazy bicycle conquest of Germany. A full dive into the life of Germany, meeting with depths of the German language and mentality and a total crash of stereotypes!!!
An unbelievable adventure in the outscirts of the great Rhine: an international team, quests, film shooting, medieval fortresses, modern dance, music, bar walking and other wonders of Germany! The photo report is here

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